Give the Perfect Toast

Apr 17, 2017, 06:36 AM by Discount Auto Glass

Today we have got a bit of a different kind of glass to talk about … the kind you raise for a toast. We are at the beginning of wedding season and Discount Auto Glass has all the tips and tricks for giving the perfect toast at the next special occasion you attend.

The first thing to remember is that the toast is not about you. Its purpose is to make surewedding toast you are saying something nice and honoring someone else to celebrate them. You can, however, set the scene with a little background information on how you know the honoree.

The next thing to remember is to keep it short and sweet. The best way to avoid being long-winded is to write down your thoughts or speech ahead of time. Just like a good story, a good toast has a beginning, middle, and end. Keep the message positive and good with an amusing anecdote about the honoree.

Remember, funny and embarrassing stories are not always the same thing when giving a wedding cheerstoast. Jokes are great and can break the ice in any tension-filled room. But, a joke or embarrassing story at the expense of another is never appropriate during a toast, especially when it is at the expense of the honoree. If there is any question about telling a certain story, it is best to forego telling it. Tailor your jokes for your audience and tell them with caution. If you know your audience will not be too offended, then you can make your jokes a little edgy, but if children are present, be sure to keep your jokes clean.

Lastly, practice may not always make perfect, but it will help! Rehearse in front of the mirror or a small group ahead of time. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable when it comes time to raise your glass.

Wrap your toast up with a nod of support and invite the guests to raise their glasses with wedding hugyou.

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