Spring Showers: Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Mar 11, 2022, 14:02 PM by Julie Wax

Driving in the Rain

As we all know, spring weather can become hazardous with all of the rainy, wet roads and low visibility due to spring storms that also bring high winds and varying temperatures. This weather can affect driver capabilities as well as vehicle performance in addition to roadways being off in stability. That also means more accidents. You’ll want to be prepared if you’re going on a spring break road trip, or even if you’re just out driving for the day as you never know what spring weather might bring. 

Here are a few safety tips for driving in the rain:

  1. Stay extra alert - It seems obvious, but make sure you get a good night’s sleep before a long road trip, and even on smaller trips it’s important to stay focused. Never text and drive. Less than ideal weather conditions like wet roads can cause accidents even quicker than on a dry day. 

  2. Turn your headlights on - Did you know this is actually the law? Even more, it’s always a great idea in any type of low visibility so that you don’t either cause an accident (others need to see you!) or become a part of one. 

  3. Check your wipers  - Your wiper blades should be checked every six months and changed at least once a year. Most drivers fail to do this as often and wind up with low visibility because of poor vision from outdated wipers. It’s simple, easy and inexpensive. It’s a great idea to include this as part of your oil change routine each time. 

  4. Brake carefully - Braking gently allows more time to stop, and this is especially important when roads are slick. You definitely don’t want to bump into the car in front of you. 

  5. Watch for hydroplaning - Make sure to keep an eye on your tire tread as worn tires are more likely to drive poorly in excess water. Good tire traction is key, in addition to avoiding areas that look like they might have more water on the road than usual. Again, staying alert in the rain is the most important thing you can do for your safety. 

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