5 Seriously Simple Spring Car Care Tips

Apr 15, 2022, 11:02 AM by Julie Wax

Spring Car Cleaning
It’s been so cold with plenty of winter weather, so who has had time to care for their car in the proper way? Thank goodness spring is here, but before you get ready to set out on the road in your wheels, proper maintenance is of utmost importance. Spring cleaning your car should be top of mind just like spring cleaning your home. And because safety is involved in many of these items on the checklist, it’s even more important! Many of us spend more time in our car than we do in our homes. 

Here are some (seriously!) simple tips to get you ready to roll this spring:

  1. Inspect your wipers - Is it time for an oil change? That means it’s also a great time to stop and check your wiper blades. They should be checked every six months and changed at least once a year. Most drivers fail to do this as often and wind up with low visibility because of poor vision from outdated wipers. It’s simple, easy and inexpensive. 

  2. Set your tire pressures - With gas prices at their highest, it’s important to do this step to improve fuel mileage and also to give you longer tire life. Varying temperatures can change this and with it warming up now, you will want to set them to the appropriate pressure, which is located just inside the car door. 

  3. Check under the hood - Basic problems can be found here and a good, quick visual inspection can prevent small issues before they become big ones. Leaks can be common and are easy to spot, so make sure you look for wet spots on the engine as well as any cracks that might need to be replaced by a mechanic. 

  4. Check alignment and suspension - After all of the winter weather that causes potholes and road damage, you should align your tires again so that your tires last longer and your steering is centered for safer driving. Have a proper mechanic do this as well as check suspension.

  5. Clean - The winter weather has probably left plenty of dirt around. It’s time to clean the outside AND the inside! A good scrub can go a long way towards the life of your car, especially with an extra wax to help the paint. Staying on top of this can help as pollen starts to fall. 

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