Top 5 Factors That Cause Windshield Damage to Spread

Jun 21, 2022, 09:54 AM by Julie Wax

heat windshield
It’s the heart of summer and that means your auto glass needs to be top of mind since extreme heat can be one major cause of damage to your vehicle. And if you already have windshield damage waiting to be repaired (we don’t recommend waiting too long, by the way), it’s important to know how to keep the damage from spreading and causing you an even bigger problem. As soon as you are able, it’s imperative to get it repaired. 

Here are five factors that cause windshield damage to spread:

  1. Extreme Temperatures - It might be crazy-hot outside, but did you know that the cold air from the air conditioner can cause your current chip or crack to spread? It’s true. Expanding (and contracting) too quickly can break even fully intact glass, so make sure you are parking in that shady spot and keeping your car as cool as possible. And if you can’t get it repaired right away, here are tips for “Keeping Your Car Cool in Warm Weather.”

  2. Car Washes - It’s a really good idea to avoid all car washes until your windshield is repaired. The high pressure can present a definite hazard, and even doing it yourself is a risk. It’s best to go ahead and repair it before you wash it.

  3. Slamming Doors - Damage is pretty easily done if your vehicle doors are slammed a lot, even the trunk. You don’t want an existing chip or crack to spread, so it’s important to avoid this habit. The vibrations can very quickly further damage and you don’t want to end up with a windshield replacement over a quick fix.

  4. Moisture Intrusion - Cracks in a windshield are much more vulnerable to moisture. The windshield consists of two layers of laminated glass with a very thin layer of poly-vinyl-butyral in between. If the crack isn’t fixed soon enough, it will spread without any warning. This is even more the case in colder weather.

  5. Direct Sun Exposure - Glass heats up quickly, so don’t let your vehicle be a victim of direct sunlight damage. Glass gradually expands when it gets warmer and before you know it, you will have a larger repair than you had envisioned. While you’re waiting to repair your windshield, there are ways you can take care of it in the hot weather

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