Things You Should Know About Your Rear Windshield

Jul 13, 2022, 16:19 PM by Julie Wax

rear windshieldVehicle windshields are your protection. While most information addresses the front windshield, did you know that the back rear windshield can be just as important in protecting you from flying debris and providing a clear view of the road and traffic behind your automobile?  It also helps support the frame and prevent someone from being ejected through the back part of the vehicle during an auto accident. 

You might wonder how rear windshields differ from front windshields? We’ve compiled helpful information on the differences as well as the most common causes of rear glass damage and when rear windows should be replaced. 

Rear Versus Front Windshields

One of the main differences in the front and rear windshields is how the windshield is made. Tempered glass is traditional glass that has been treated with heat, pressure, or chemicals to strengthen it. When it breaks, it often shatters into many small pieces. This is a safety feature so that if you do have to exit a vehicle in an emergency accident, the shattered glass makes it possible to get out. 

Front windshields are made from laminated glass composed of two sheets of auto glass bonded together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or other adhesive resin. When front windshield glass breaks, the layer of adhesive resin typically holds the glass pieces in place, preventing the glass from shattering. This is also to provide safety so that when an object strikes the front windshield, instead of shattering into large, sharp, dangerous pieces, the glass stays in place and cracks instead. 

Causes of Rear Window Damage

Collision Impact. If you’re in an accident, the back windshield can definitely break due to the tempered glass material. 

Flying debris. Watch out for hard objects like baseballs or larger rocks. Tempered glass is strong, so the greater the impact, the larger the breakage chances. Stay aware of the road and where you park.

Temperature fluctuations. If the weather heats up quickly or cools down too fast, the glass can break due to thermal stress and it expands. 

Replacing a Rear Windshield

It’s just as important to repair a rear windshield after a crack or chip because of the fact that it will shatter more easily. Even mild damage has been shown to shatter without any warning because of vehicle road vibrations. Keep in mind also that even a small knick can cause the windshield to need replacing because of its structure. How is this done?

A replacement takes several steps when it comes to a rear windshield. A panel will need to match your dimensions before attaching and any damaged weather-stripping will need to be replaced.

If you have electrical defrosting on the back window, a new metal grid will need to be connected. Last, the window adhesive will need to harden before testing it out along with the defrost function to make sure it’s all in working order. 

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