Should I Replace My Windshield Before Selling My Car?

Oct 27, 2022, 15:05 PM by Julie Wax

Windshield replacement
You’ve finally made the decision to sell your vehicle, so now what? After having a car long enough, chips and cracks are inevitable, so you’ll more than likely have to make some repair decisions. What should you invest your time and money into before selling the car, and should you just sell it as is? It’s important to weigh the circumstances before you sell so that you make the best financial decision. No doubt, the windshield is one of the most important features and adds some of the most value to your vehicle.

If money is on your mind and getting the most for what you have, replacing your windshield before selling is probably the best idea. Obviously a cracked or chipped windshield lowers the value of the car and the new buyer will more than likely deduct the cost of repairing it from whatever price you ask. A dealership will basically offer lower for trading in your vehicle, while with a private sale, it means it might just make it harder for you to sell. 

Looking into insurance options is a great way to cover the repair cost before selling without losing money, although every policy is different, so this might not be an option for many, but it’s one worth checking into during the selling process. Overall, repairing first seems to be the most valid option when exploring finances and ease of selling, especially if the damage is quite noticeable and it needs a complete replacement.

So, why might you NOT sell it? If the damage is extremely minor and/or money is tight at the moment, you could consider selling as is. But keep in mind that you should always disclose the minor damage no matter what. Many buyers will not mind the minor damage, so it’s best to be upfront. However, you might consider the age and the rest of the condition of your vehicle as well as this will also take into account the shape of your windshield. A newer car is going to sell much better with a newer windshield.

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